Gamblit Gaming Is The Future

7 Screen Slot Machine From Gamblit Gaming At G2E

7 Screen Slot Machine!

I first heard of Gamblit Gaming over the summer when they received approval to incorporate video games with casino games (see story on Vegas Chatter). They were fairly quiet over the few months following approval. Their plan was always to use G2E as a springboard and launch games publicly next year.

While the big named themed slot machines were the first talking point for the mainstream media covering G2E, Gamblit Gaming really took over as G2E came to a close. If you’ve seen any news articles since G2E you’ll probably notice the injection of millennial’s into the discussion. That’s where Gamblit steps into the discussion.

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Cosmopolitan Taking Video Games Seriously

This weekend Cosmopolitan opened the EA Sports Bar. I thought it was opening around the release of Madden 2013, but I was mistaken. Pictures of the EA Sports Bar look cool but I don’t see any reason to go here even if I’m at Cosmopolitan and want to watch sports.

On top of the EA Sports Bar, Cosmo is continuing their sojourn into the video game world holding a tournament this weekend.

Professional video game competition is coming to the Strip, as the Cosmopolitan hosts top players vying for $150,000 in prizes.

The IGN Pro League opens its IPL 4 tournament this weekend at the Chelsea.

“StarCraft 2” players will vie for $100,000 prize pool. The “League of Legends” slate offers a chance at $50,000.

Competition begins at 9 a.m. Friday, with finals set for 9 p.m. Sunday. It will include the finals for Korea’s Global StarCraft Team Leagues — the first time that the e-sports event has been held outside that country.

Nothing like 3 days notice to people interested in joining a tournament. This is clearly focused on the locals market and not the tourist. I wasn’t sure that there were hardcore gamers that would be of legal age to even enter a casino but Denver Gambler tells me that when he used to work at GameStop that there were plenty of over 21 customers.

This even leaves me at a loss for words, which is rare. Anyway pew pew pew!


Cosmopolitan Changes Continue

As I mentioned last week, Rehan Choudhry leaving Cosmopolitan may be a sign that things were changing. Changes continue as Cosmo announced that they’re opening a sport bar. The EA sports bar (yes, named/branded after the video game company) will open around the release of of Madden 2012.

The new 25,000-square-foot venue, which will hold as many as 125 guests, is born from a partnership among the Cosmopolitan, EA Sports, PlayStation and Sharp. It will feature Sony PlayStation 3 consoles, a selection of EA Sports games such as Madden NFL 12, FIFA 12 and golf against Tiger Woods, and six high-definition televisions to broadcast daily sporting events.

The sports-bar-meets-lounge is designed to have an intimate “living room” feel with nine seating vignettes featuring leather chairs and sofas, as well as an antique foosball table. It will serve bottled beers and snack food and include a retail area selling clothing, gifts and video games.

Madden is the only video game I’ve purchased religiously for Xbox or Playstation in the past 10 years. I love it. Madden may be popular, but sports and sports video games are not cool or hip. They never have been.

I’m a sports guy and welcome a sports bar, but I can’t see the hipster shunning his fancy mixology cocktail at Vesper and joining the bros/dudes for a Bud Light at the EA sports bar (or lounge). Something’s gotta give.

EA branding aside, this likely means the end of Book & Stage as we know it. Book & Stage has never has been much of a sportsbook or place to watch sports. This was the case even before the Cantor Gaming sportsbook opened last year. It’s a great place to watch a small band. I just hope they don’t replace the free national touring bands with bad classic rock tribute bands.

Look for “STAGE” to open later this year. Maybe they’ll rename it “pLace” with a hat tip to Stiffs & Georges and “Family Guy“.

Things are changing at Cosmopolitan. Bro.

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