That Was Quick. Nikki Beach Done at Tropicana Las Vegas

Nikki Beach Las Vegas

Nikki Beach

This weekend Tropicana Las Vegas ended it’s relationship with Club Nikki and Nikki Beach. This also included letting go, or reassigning the staff.

Effective Friday night, the Tropicana has cut loose its Miami Beach-based nightclub, pool club and restaurant operator. Tropicana Vice President of Food, Beverage and Retail Tom Recine confirmed today that employees working in Las Vegas for Club Nikki, Nikki Beach and Cafe Nikki have been notified that they are no longer working at the Trop.

It can be argued that the clientele Tropicana was seeking to stay at the casino wasn’t the same as the people who might frequent Nikki Beach, but that doesn’t wash with me. Wynn has Encore Beach Club which brings in the meatiest of meatheads, while the casino tries to cater to a different client with their casinos, rooms and restaurants. The pool party crowd and casino crowd don’t often cross paths.

Further, I’m not sure that the pool party crowd knows or cares about the Nikki Beach/Club brand. If that’s the case, then why would Tropicana want to pay for the name. Just guessing here, but I’m going to say the promoters that came with the Nikki name didn’t bring in enough money to make the deal worth it.

Moving forward Tropicana has a newly renovated pool area and club. Pool parties and clubs are seen as money makers, so this won’t go away. Las Vegas is a copycat market so don’t expect anything new from Tropicana. There is plenty of time until pool season begins and the nightclub can remain dormant for a while as Las Vegas heads into a slow period before the holidays. I would expect Tropicana to bring in promoters that know Las Vegas similar to how Hard Rock has local promoters for Rehab.

On a side note, the “Vegas Insiders” on Travel Channel just became out of date with this closure as they included numerous shots from Nikki. It only took a week.


Jersey Shore Parties Poolside In Vegas Part Two

This weekend grandmother of all pool parties, Rehab, had their dose of Jersey Shore celebrity. While Sammi Sweetheart was partying and judging a bikini contest at the Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pool, Snooki was hanging out with Tiesto at the Hard Rock. I guess this is part of Tiesto’s residency at the Hard Rock that’s been going on for the past few months.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I find it interesting that Sammi and Pauly D had more views on Vegas News than Snooki. Maybe people are tiring from Snooki. I’m not. For more pictures of Snooki and Tiesto head to

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore


Cantor Gaming Continues on its Plan of World Domination

It wasn’t too long ago that sports betting meant that you placed a bet at the begging or halftime of a game, you watched the game, and then collected on your win afterwards.  Sports betting is one of the few games in the casino that if you are skilled enough, you can win.  These types of games are pretty much limited to sports betting, poker, and blackjack. (ED: Craps has better odds than all if you can find 100x odds)

With Cantor Gaming recently announcing that they will be managing the newly remodeled Plaza’s sport book, a revolution in sports betting is taking place.  Cantor currently runs the sport books at Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, M Resort, Hard Rock, Venetian, and Palazzo.  Cantor provides for live-action betting throughout the sporting event.  So if you are watching a basketball game you can bet during the game on whether a player will make an upcoming free throw, or during a football game  you can wager on what the next play might be.  Basically you can place bets the whole time the game is going through an electronic terminal. (ED: I tried this a couple years ago and didn’t really like it)

This doesn’t change a thing for those who just like to place a bet, take the ticket, and redeem it when the event is over.  However, for people who want more excitement when betting, it’s an awesome idea.  I played with it some at The Cosmopolitan and I have to say that it is quite addicting.  I suspect it won’t be long until we hear about Cantor gaming taking over another sport book.

(ED: I’ve covered a bunch of the Cantor Gaming moves over the past year at Vegas Chatter if you want more.)


Real World Las Vegas Starts Tonight!

Real World Las Vegas (Take 2) starts tonight on MTV.  I’m sure I’m more stoked than anyone else.  Instead of previewing the new cast I want to make sure everyone has their own copy of the original Real World Las Vegas on DVD because it’s a must have!  Click the image below if you need.  Tweet me with thoughts on the new cast!

Real World Las Vegas



Cantor Gaming Made $400 Million in 2010

I was doing some podcast catch up today and found some interesting information on he latest Center for Gaming Research podcast with Lee Amaitis, CEO of Cantor Gaming

Among other things, I learned that last year Cantor Gaming made $400 million dollars.  Amaitis mentioned this was only at one casino (M Resort), but they’ve been working with Legasse Stadium since it opened so I have to imagine that includes both properties.

It will be interesting to see the growth with Cantor Gaming’s expansion into Tropicana, Hard Rock and soon the Cosmopolitan. I don’t think revenues will triple, but that number will definitely grow.

It’s an interesting podcast if you’re interested in sports betting operations.  Click the image below to access the podcast.


The Dream Is Over

Last week we found out that the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was in foreclosure and that the property would be put up for public auction. This week we come to find that this was much ado about nothing and the lenders and Hard Rock have come to a settlement on the finances and that the auction was canceled.

The agreement removes the need for a last-minute hearing before Nevada gaming regulators to approve Navegante Group to run the property should the lenders have succeeded in foreclosing on the Hard Rock.

Oh well, the Hard Rock will not be changing owners or names or anything.  That’s too bad, I was hoping for a new Ed Hardy Presents: Hard Rock Hotel.  Maybe another time.


MTV Real World At Hard Rock Hotel

The peeps over at Vegas Chatter pointed out that the first preview of the MTV’s Real World Return to Vegas was up.  I love that crap regardless of location, but the Vegas inclusion sent me right over to watch.

Here’s an HD version of the trailer I found on youtube.

As usual this show looks awful but, as I said, I’m into it.  The inclusion of Las Vegas only makes it more inviting even though the Hard Rock Hotel doesn’t make for a very cool location like Palms did back in the day.  There’s no way it will be as good as the first time the show was in Las Vegas, at Palms, but it’s usually worth 44 minutes of my week to lose a couple brain cells and forget bout life.


Wanna Buy the Hard Rock Hotel?

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas received a notice of foreclosure today by its lenders.  That’s the bad news.  What’s bad news for some can be opportunity for others.

The notice said prospective buyers have the opportunity to bid at a public auction for the lenders’ interest in the property. The auction is scheduled for 1 p.m. Las Vegas time Monday in front of the Supreme Court of the State of New York at 60 Centre Street in Manhattan.

So, will an outsider step up to the plate and buy the newly remodeled Hard Rock or will the lenders decide to hold onto their debt and keep the casino afloat so they can make money down the line when the economy improves?  I’m expecting the latter.  However, if you’re not cheap you can get in the game!


Gambling on the Strip

I’m just off of a long weekend on the strip in Las Vegas.  We stayed at Planet Hollywood and the hotel, itself, was more of the same.  I love the hotel, but everything inside the room leaves something to be desired.  You can see the highs and lows on Vegas Chatter.

I gamble differently when I’m alone then when I’m with friends.  When I’m alone I mostly play video poker and slots, but when I’m with friends I’ll be a little more social with my gambling and play much more blackjack and table games.  This group of friends strictly played blackjack so when we were together, which was most of the time, I played blacjkack.

I played anywhere from $10 minimums to $25 minimums.  Unfortunately I never won enough in a row to get my progressive bets over $75.  That’s where the real money is won!

We played at Planet Hollywood both in and out of the Pleasure Pit and I won both ways.  We also played some double deck blackjack in the Heart Bar at Planet Hollywood.  This was also considered the Pleasure Pit so we only got paid 6:5 for blackjack, not that I saw many blackjacks this weekend.  We also played at Aira, Caesars Palace and Hard Rock.

I was a winner everywhere except Aria where their CSM dealt me almost the same hand every time.

10+ > low card > 10+

Even though the odds say don’t I’d rather play 6:5 single, double or shoe games than CSM because I get some kind of rhythm for the cards.  By calculation each Grey Goose and soda at Aria cost me $100, but they were 3 good drinks!  Once again no blackjack games under $25 were shoe Aria. This ensures that I will not be staying at Aria or any other CityCenter properties.  It also gives me no real reason to return to Aria to gamble.

The night before we had one of the greatest runs of blackjack at the Hard Rock where we played until they kicked us out at 5:30am.  We all won.  The size depended on how much we bet.  The smallest winner walked away with $150 and the biggest walked away with over $1,000 in profits.  I played small and drank heavy.  Since I don’t frequent the Hard Rock I wasn’t worried about accumulating any points for comps so I only won only a portion of that I could have. I also made a death defying recovery from my last bet to plus $200-300!

One of my friends didn’t speak for the last hour we played at Hard Rock.  We later realized he wasn’t just in a zone, but he was way to drunk.  At least I’m smart enough to cut my Grey Goose with club soda.

I’m leaving the horrible tales of the worst payouts ever at the Pussy Cat Dolls Lounge at Caesars Palace for my friends over at Vegas Chatter.  I walked away even, but I was the only one.  At least there were PLENTY of good looking girls.

The only other tale of gambling is that I saw someone playing my special 9/5 3-play Jacks or Better video poker machine at Planet Hollywood.  Previous to this sighting the machine had ALWAYS returned at least even money.  After the old man touched it I couldn’t win.  This took any winnings I may have had in sports betting and blackjack.

Overall this was a negative trip, but I only needed one days worth of my bankroll for all four days.  I will call this a success!


The Dream Is Over REHAB: Party at the Hard Rock Canceled

Merry Christmas to all, unless you are part of the REHAB TV family.  The show about the party at the Hard Rock Hotel was recently canceled.

The truTV reality show “Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel” won’t be returning for a fourth season, attorneys have disclosed.

The disclosure was made last week in court papers by attorneys for the Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel-casino, which hosts Rehab day parties during the summer and was hit with a trademark lawsuit over the TV show in September by the owner of the international Hard Rock brand.

I’m all about faux reality with girls in bikinis.  I love how awful this show was and I’ll be sad to see it go.  Thankfully we have the internet and REHAB will forever live on!

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