Sports Gambling Closing in on New Jersey?

Sports gambling is one step away from becoming legal in Delaware.  All that needs to be done now is for Governor Jack Markell to sign the bill into law.  This will make Delaware the first state east of the Mississippi River to have legalized gambling.

The Delaware state senate moved quickly Tuesday to approve a sports gambling bill, leaving only Gov. Jack Markell’s promised signature as the final step before it becomes law.

Instead of sending the bill to a committee for a debate, the senators voted to suspend those rules and allowed it to be debated in the full chamber. A short time later, the bill passed 17-2 with two abstentions.

It’s not known what type of sports gambling will be allowed as that will be decided once the bill is signed.  New Jersey has had similar studies to those that Delaware has had in the past few years.  Hopefully this will be a step closer to legal sports gambling in New Jersey.  

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