Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Strategy

I’ve played Ultimate Texas Hold Em once in Atlantic City when I couldn’t get on a cheap blackjack table with my friends.  I turned $100 into $300 in a few minutes.  Pretty sweet.  I have no idea what I was doing and how to play the game.

Every time I walk through the tables at the casino these tables are empty.  I guess people don’t really know how to play or the game isn’t fun or the house edge is so big that people stay away from it or all of the above.

Wizard of Odds just published their strategies for Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em and the house edge is pretty massive.

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em has a house edge of 3.488%. Optimal strategy, which has never been put in writing, has a house edge of 2.185%.

By comparison, the hated 6:5 blackjack has a house edge of at least 1.78%.

I’ll continue to stay away from a game that isn’t fun and that I don’t understand and that has a fairly large house edge.  Take a look at Wizard of Odds strategy guide if you do play the game.


I Want You To Steal The Diamonds

I like Oceans 13 more than I should.  Not a lot of people like the movie and I’m cool with that.  Every time AAA announces their 5 Diamond award winners  I think of the movie (see below).   To no surprise, Las Vegas was the leading market.  Here’s a breakdown:


*NEW Aria
NEW Mandarin Oriental
Wynn Las Vegas
Skylofts at MGM Grand
Four Seasons
Ritz-Carlton at Lake Las Vegas
(will be taken over by Dolce Hotels & Resorts)


Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace
Picasso and Le Cirque
at Bellagio
Joel Robuchon
at MGM Grand
at Wynn Las Vegas

No surprise that Las Vegas lead the way.  Indulgence is what makes Vegas what it is.  This list often serves as a target of places I’d like to visit.  Last year I was lucky enough to try out Venetian & Palazzo.

I’m hoping next year brings the other strip hotels that have casinos.  If I want a nice hotel without a casino I’ll try one in another city.

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Be Warned About the Closets at the Cosmopolitan

I freely admit that I’m easily shocked.  I don’t really like surprises popping out from nowhere.  I watched this video about the design of the Cosmopolitan rooms and one thing stood out to me.


I do not like the design idea.  I don’t find it cute nor whimsical.  I don’t tend to end my nights on the strip sober and this is the last thing I want.  Anyway, see for yourself.


Hey Cosmo, Nice Package!

I’ve enjoyed watching the Cosmopolitan flourish from idea to building to hotel now.

Their marketing has been much more image focused than any other casino I’ve seen before.  Not even Wynn can touch the Cosmopolitan for marketing an idea more than a property.  In fact, none of their marketing has ever made mention that there is a casino on the premises.  All we know is that there’s no poker room.

Instead of just marketing and selling hotel rooms The Cosmopolitan has started making special packages available.

Click here to view full size

The instant, favorite package is the “Raid The Minibar” package where you can eat and drink all you want from the minibar for your entire stay.  I often fight the urge to do this on a given trip only to be jolted to reality with $15 M&M’s staring me in the face at 5am. Of course I’ll still eat the M&M’s, but will probably just drink tap water instead of drinking the $12 beer.  Now we can have our cake, candy, booze and eat and drink em too!

There’s a bunch more fun packages available too, so if you want to stay at a hotel on the strip that may or may not have a casino go to town.


Steve Wynn, Shut Up!

It’s bad enough for most of us that Steve Wynn babbles at us when we go to  It’s annoying at best.  Thankfully, there’s a new version of the website that works without flash and also thankfully, I have a mute button.

Some Vegas nerds (like me) have been complaining about Steve Wynn yapping for a while.  Now, the big wigs on Wall Street are joining the party and complaining about Wynn’s rants during quarterly earnings calls.

Some Wall Street analysts say they are tiring of indulging Wynn on politics when they have work to do.

“We know he’s mad at Obama,” said one analyst, who found it more productive to exit the Wynn Resorts call midstream and crunch numbers instead. “But this is not helping us learn about his company. It’s not considerate of our time.

Plenty of people like anything Steve Wynn does and can tolerate how obnoxious he comes across.  I appreciate the good he does, but can also see the other side and I can easily see where he can be obnoxious.  I can’t imagine that this will have much effect on Mr. Wynn.  I get the idea he likes to hear himself speak.


The Buried Life in Vegas!

Earlier this week I passed on some info I received about the Golden Gate Casino being featured on MTV’s The Buried Life.  The episode aired last night and wasn’t too bad.  The guys from the show were taking $125,000 and trying to win 3 spins in a row in roulette with the goal of turning the money into $1 million.  It was worth a half hour of my life.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to downtown Vegas next weekend.  It’s been a while.  See the episode below.


Tropicana Renovations Show Little

Tropicana renovations have been fun to watch and are probably fun to be a part of.  However, in the short term they’re having very little financial effect as people are still discovering (re-discovering) the casino.  In fact, the casino is losing more money than they were a year ago.

Net revenue of $13 million was down from $18.8 million during the third quarter of 2009 and the property lost $11.3 million vs. a loss of $9.6 million in the year-ago quarter.

Renovations are still only about halfway done and from everything I read they are fantastic.  Still, one has to wonder if they will ever have a positive effect on this property that was dying a year ago. I hope and expect only good in the future as it’s hard to get worse than death.

Photo: Wikipedia


G2E Summary

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the G2E expo in Las Vegas.  As I detailed on Vegas Chatter it was a great experience.  I was able to see some of the behind the scenes things in the casino industry that I’ve always been curious about.  It’s nice to see one of the things I overheard confirmed.

Last week’s annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E) saw a 15 percent increase in attendance from last year, with over 26,000 attending and 520 exhibitors.

I’m like having my observations confirmed. If you are curious about the gaming expo check my wrap up.  If you haven’t seen the awesome new Hangover slot check it out too.


Golden Gate Casino on MTV Tonight

I just received a heads up that the Golden Gate Casino in downtown Las Vegas will be featured on the MTV show Buried Life tonight.

The Golden Gate filmed the season finale of MTV’s show The Buried Life. It will be aired on Monday night, November 29th.

The Buried Life is about 4 kids who have a bucket list of 100 things they want to do before they die. Number 75 on the list is try and win $1,000,000.

The four kids brought in $125,000 and wanted to parlay it into $1,000,000. Although I can’t tell you what happened, I can give you a hint that they end up making the biggest roulette bet in Las Vegas history.

I’m a sucker for these MTV shows so I’m surprised I’m not familiar with The Buried Life.  However, the TiVo is set for this.


Hey, It’s Enrico Palazzo

Leslie Nielsen, one of my favorite comedic actors, passed away Sunday night.  Before my first trip to the Palazzo in Las Vegas my friends and I passed this video around for weeks, if not months.  I’ll always remember Enrico Palazzo from Naked Gun and Las Vegas

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