Here’s How To Know What Beer Is Right For You

What Beer Is Right For You?
What Beer Is Right For You?

There are a lot more types of beer available in Las Vegas than ever before. If you haven’t explored the different kinds of beer you may not know what’s right for you. This chart can help you narrow your options.

While this a cool infographic it might not be entirely accurate. It matched me with a barrel-aged stout this morning. I’m not much of a stout fan.

Another note: If you’re a beer snob you’ll get a chuckle from answering yes to the first question.

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Don’t Stand In Line To Sign Up For The SLS Las Vegas Players Club

SLS Las Vegas Players Club
Sign up at the slot machines


I don’t like lines. I don’t do lines. If a business wants me to wait I’ll usually take my money elsewhere. That’s how I roll.

I think SLS Las Vegas understands people like me. Since SLS Las Vegas is still new the lines for the players club have been extremely long. Here’s how skip the lines to sign up for their players club, The Code.

You can sign up at any table game, video poker or slot machine or the cashier. There are constantly SLS reps walking the casino floor looking to sign new players up for The Code. It’s very convenient.

I signed up for The Code online before visiting and getting a card took about 1 minute at the cashier’s cage while they verified my information. Nice n smooth.

This isn’t a new concept. You can get a players club card at table games at most casinos. Some properties have rovers around the machine games like SLS to make you a card on the spot too.

I just figured I’d give you a heads up in case you weren’t aware of these tricks. There’s nothing worse than wasting time in lines in Vegas.

Vegas Is Getting Younger Quickly, You’re Not Aging That Fast

Vegas Is Getting Younger
Say Goodbye To These Folks

John Unwin, CEO of Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, did a sort of strange interview with Bloomberg last week. He was lobbed some softball questions about Las Vegas before being asked about Atlantic City, a market he’s never worked in. Since the Cosmo or any of his previous jobs have no connection to Atlantic City he seemed very lost. That part of the interview was a bad look for Unwin and Bloomberg.

The softball questions surrounded why Las Vegas is in such good shape. One of the interesting bits of information from this interview is that the median age of the Las Vegas customer has gone from 50 To 44 in the past two years. That’s a huge drop.

The large decrease in median age makes sense when you look at all of the new properties and club openings. As the reinvention of Vegas continues it seems as though that median age will continue to fall.

After G2E it seems as though all marketing focus has switched to millennials. If  there is any success with this group of consumers the median age of the Las Vegas customer will continue to surge downward rapidly.

If you feel old when you’re in Vegas today get ready to feel really old in a couple of years.

You can see the complete 5 minute interview below for more information and context.

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Planet Hollywood Feeling The Britney Spears Effect To The Tune Of $20 Million

Britney Spears "Piece of Me"
Britney Spears “Piece of Me”

If you’ve been reading any of my work over the past few years you know that I like Britney Spears a bit too much. We go back to the swamps of New Jersey just like my ill-fated love for the New York Jets.

Anyway, I loved the “Piece of Me” show at Planet Hollywood (see my review on Vegas Chatter) and I’m happy to see it succeed. Despite the avalanche of negative reviews the shows are packed and Britney Spears is making bank for Planet Hollywood.

she’s boosted the hotel-casino’s annual operating earnings by about $20 million. Now we understand why the first run of her contract ending next year was renewed for an additional two years.

Having seen Britney a couple of times before “Piece of Me” I knew not to expect much (if any) singing and lazy dancing. I did expect to here some awesome JAMS (here’s a link to the original setlist on spotify that I’m listening to right now).

I didn’t expect such a great audio-visual experience at the Axis Theater. It really is a great theater that would be great for a band with progressive instrumentation like Tool.

I passed up an opportunity to see Britney a couple of weeks ago because I know the show isn’t going anywhere. I will definitely see “Piece of Me”, or a new version of the show, but probably won’t drop $100+ for the show that’s a live version of that spotify playlist.

Wynn And Las Vegas Sands Gambling Revenue Per Day Might Surprise You

Las Vegas Sands Gambling Revenue
The Venetian

The casino always has the advantage in gambling so they’re guaranteed to make money as long as they have customers. The amount of money made in a casino probably wouldn’t surprise anyone. When we see gaming revenue it’s usually in bulk form from quarterly reports.

Sure the bulk numbers are impressive but when you see the table game and slot machine revenue from Wynn and Las Vegas Sands (The Venetian and The Palazzobroken down by day per table (updated for clarity) by you might be surprised.

Las Vegas Sands

  • Table Game Revenue Per Day – $3,737
  • Slot Machine Revenue Per Day – $185


  • Table Game Revenue Per Day – $8.130
  • Slot Machine Revenue Per Day – $276

These numbers are impressive but are dwarfed by similar revenue from Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Macau casinos (see full chart here).

Wynn has some of the biggest baccarat games in Las Vegas so the difference in table game revenue between Las Vegas Sands and Wynn doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The difference in slot machine revenue is a bit surprising since Las Vegas Sands has so many more slot machines between their properties.

Whatever the case people are losing a lot of money every day gambling in these casinos. If we do win the casino will just sue for their losses anyway.

MyVegas Gross Revenues Are $60 Million

MyVegas Logo

Last month I learned that social casino revenue is almost $3 billion a year. I thought it was a lot but this is more than I would have ever expected. More specifically I learned that a good chunk of social casino revenue comes from MyVegas. MyVegas’ gross revenues are about $60 million!

(Eilers Research gaming analyst Adam) Krejcik said Eilers Research lists PlayStudios as the eighth largest publisher of social casino games worldwide with a run-rate to achieve more than $60 million in gross revenue this year. The revenue comes from customers buying tokens.

Overwhelmingly the people I know personally and online that play MyVegas view it as a free game. They take the daily free chip allotment and try to win prizes. It’s a fun way for some people to waste time. At the same time other people may not find the game worth their time after doing the math to see how much those prizes actually cost in time. Neither sides of the fence are wrong. It’s just preference.

Buy MyVegas Chips On Facebook
Buy MyVegas Chips

It’s easy to see how MyVegas could make so much revenue just from chip sales even if only a small percentage of players ever spend a dollar. Chips don’t equal rewards. Chips just allow you to play the game. The chips allow you to earn loyalty points which you exchange for prizes.

If the players hits a cold streak while playing with a lot of chips at once those 3 million chips you purchased for $199 will be gone in a few minutes. If the player doesn’t earn the reward that they’re playing for it’s easy to dip back into the wallet, more likely a purse, to grab the credit card and buy more chips.

Just like real gambling $400 or $600 the player may win 2 nights at a hotel that would have cost $300 otherwise. Just like casino gambling who am I to mock someone else’s fun?

Is social gaming the future of mainstream gambling? Social casino revenue is growing rapidly. It may not be the future alone but it will be around for a while.

This Resorts World Las Vegas Rendering Video Looks Sweet

Resorts World Las Vegas Rendering
Resorts World Las Vegas

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Resorts World Las Vegas. Renderings of the new hotel coming to the Vegas Strip have been out for a while. We already know what Resorts World Las Vegas is planning but this EB5 rendering video gives a little more insight as to what the property should look like when it’s finished.

If you’re impatient just skip to the 1 minute mark so you can get to the property highlights. Here are some quick hit notes:

  • The Asian theme will be specifically Chinese.
  • The roof deck bar looks awesome.
  • There will be two shopping areas. The Great Wall Passage Way (shopping) looks cooler than most mall areas in a casino.
  • 4,200 seat theater will focus Chinese type events like Dance and Martial Arts.
  • Gardens look like Wynn with more water features.
  • What’s up with that balloon elevator thing on the north side of the hotel?
  • The porte cochere looks as if it will be closer to I-15 than the Vegas Strip.

PS: You can see more Resorts World Las Vegas rendering photos at the bottom of this post.

College Football Margin Of Victory Data

College Football Map
College Football Map

There are key point spreads in football betting and knowing them helps make you a better sports bettor. I snagged this college football margin of victory data from a huge post of college football data on Wizard of Odds last week.

If you’re a seasoned football bettor you probably already know that 3 and 7 are the key numbers in final results. The information below shows why those numbers are so important.

The following list shows the count and frequency of the top 5 margins of victory in college football. You can see the full chart on Wizard of Odds.

  1. 3 points – 9.63%
  2. 7 points – 7.31%
  3. 10 points – 4.34%
  4. 14 points – 4.32%
  5. 17 points – 3.96%

You’ll often hear veteran sports bettors talk about playing the points in football as much as they talk about the match ups themselves. The numbers above are considered the key numbers and you see why. Almost 10% of college football games surveyed ended with exactly a 3 point margin of victory.

These 5 numbers make up almost 30% of the margins of victory in college football games. This is good to know when you’re choosing which teams you want to bet. A half point on one of these key numbers can be the difference between making a winning bet and a losing bet.

If you’re a numbers dork there’s a lot more information on the full Wizard of Odds college football post. If you can retain lots of numbers I encourage you to read the full post. I decided to pull this bit of information because it was easy to digest.

Photo: Chicago Reader

Best Video Poker At SLS Las Vegas

Royal Flush Video Poker at Red Rock Resort
Royal Flush!

It’s been a while since I did a video poker check but since SLS Las Vegas is new and is supposed to have good video poker games I figured that I’d take a look.

On first glance there are some really good video poker options available at SLS Las Vegas according to vpFREE2.

Best Video Poker At SLS Las Vegas
Best Video Poker At SLS Las Vegas

When you look deeper into the pay tables you’ll see that most of the best video poker games at SLS Las Vegas are available on just 4 video poker machines. The best 8 video poker games are only available on these 4 low limits video poker machines (5¢, 10¢, 25¢) located between Sayers Club and Sportsbook Bar along the aisle.

Bonus Poker and the games below it on the chart above are available throughout the casino. You can see specific locations and denominations on

I’m personally happy that there is 8/5 Bonus Poker available. That’s my second favorite video poker game. I don’t mind that the single games are $1 and up or that the 3-play games are 25¢ but it would be nice if they had some one line quarter games available.

Overall SLS Las Vegas has a good selection of video poker for the Vegas Strip but it isn’t better than many Downtown Vegas or Off-Strip casinos.

More on SLS Las Vegas and locals later this week or early next week.

Who Is The MGM Grand Sportsbook?

MGM Grand Sportsbook Sports Jeopardy On Crackle
Sports Jeopardy

Sports Jeopardy debuted this morning on Crackle. The MGM Grand sportsbook was the question to one of the answers in the Where To Watch The Game category in the first segment. The inclusion of a sportsbook on the first episode is a nice nod to sports gamblers who are likely fans of Dan Patrick and will watch the show.

The show itself is cool as far as sports trivia shows goes but there’s way too many commercials for my attention span. I counted about 4 minutes combined before and after the first segment alone. That’s way too much for a show I’m watching on an iPad. I’d rather they integrated the advertising into the show like Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Anyway, here’s a preview of the show. You can download the crackle app for free if you want to watch.