Caesars Semi-Annual Sale In Las Vegas

Caesars Semi-Annual Sale
Caesars Semi-Annual Sale

Caesars semi-annual sales usually offer good prices on Vegas hotel rooms – especially if you don’t have a higher tier status with Total Rewards.

Here are links and approximate discounted prices (deepest discounts are for weekdays) for the Caesars Las Vegas hotels. The sale extends to Atlantic City and other markets if you’re looking to go elsewhere.

The Linq Las Vegas – Rates starting at $55/night
Bally’s Las Vegas – Rates starting at $45/night
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas – Rates starting at $50/night
Flamingo Las Vegas – Rates starting at $40/night
Harrah’s Las Vegas – Rates starting at $35/night
Rio Las Vegas – Rates starting at $35/night
Paris Las Vegas – Rates starting at $75/night
Caesars Palace Las Vegas – Rates starting at $90
Cromwell Las Vegas – Rates starting at $105/night

Vegas Hotel Rooms Up 15% From 2014, Highest Since 2007

SLS Las Vegas Carpet - Vegas Hotel Rooms
SLS Las Vegas Carpet

Prices for Vegas hotel rooms are booming.

..the month’s average daily room rate of $136.02, up 15.1 percent from a year ago, was at its highest level since the Great Recession.

Strip rates were up 13.1 percent to $145.80 while downtown rates climbed 2.8 percent to $64.62.


Visitation to Las Vegas inched up slightly in January…Monthly visitation hit 3.4 million, just 0.1 percent ahead of January 2014.

2014 had a record number of visitors to Las Vegas and that trend is expected to continue in 2015.

More visitors in Vegas and less rooms available (with Riviera closing) is a recipe for higher hotel prices. (don’t forget to add resort fees, here’s a good list).

Happy New Year!

Speculation Games: SLS Las Vegas To Become Cosmopolitan Jr.

SLS Las Vegas Blackjack Table
SLS Blackjack Table

Speculating on the future of Vegas is fun. This isn’t rumor or anything I’ve heard elsewhere. Just speculation on current news.

Subject: Blackstone may acquire more property in Las Vegas

On February 20th Vegas Inc. had an article the reiterated many of the big changes in store at the Cosmopolitan that were revealed the middle of December. Sort of hidden towards the end of the article is the following quote:

Blackstone will hold onto the Cosmopolitan for a while, and possibly acquire more property in Las Vegas

Speculation: Blackstone will purchase SLS Las Vegas.

SLS Las Vegas is off to a rocky start with employees being let go and restaurants being closed or rebranded. Their business model is similar to the Cosmopolitan where the casino generates 20-30% of the revenue and the rest comes from clubs, restaurantsbars, hotel rooms, etc.

If the financial woes continue at SLS Las Vegas throughout the year their owner, Stockbridge (90% owners of SLS), may look to cut their losses.  If Blackstone can turn around the Cosmo’s financial woes to become profitable they may look to target SLS Las Vegas. The property is new and business model is similar to the Cosmo that it might be a perfect addition.

The two hotels are already linked through Blackstone. Blackstone owns Hilton and SLS Las Vegas is already a part of the Hilton Curio collection of hotels. Cosmopolitan is without an outside hotel partner for the time being but a Vegas Curio combo could help the collection.

Hotel room rates are rising rapidly and capacity is shrinking with the Riviera closing. Adding a second property to their Las Vegas portfolio makes sense to create more value for when Blackstone decides to sell. SLS Las Vegas might be the quickest property to turn around and sell again for a larger profit.

I see this potentially as a 1+1=3 scenario if A) Blackstone can create positive revenue at the Cosmo B) Stockbridge decides to sell SLS Las Vegas C) Blackstone can repeat a turnaround at Cosmo at SLS.

2015 MLB Season Win Totals From William Hill

MLB Season Win Totals
MLB Season Win Totals

Earlier today William Hill released their Major League Baseball season win totals. These are different from the openers from Westgate on Sunday that I wrote about on Vegas Chatter.

Any limit bets over or under of any of this totals will change the number. If you want to wager on the totals close to these numbers you should act quickly. If you need a point of reference for these totals here’s a link to the 2015 season win PECOTA projections that I posted last week.

Who ya got??

Arizona Diamondbacks 71.5
Atlanta Braves 74.5
Baltimore Orioles 83
Boston Red Sox 85.5
Chicago Cubs 83
Chicago White Sox 82
Cincinnati Reds 78
Clevelands Indians 83
Colorado Rockies 72
Detroit Tigers 84
Houston Astros 76.5
Kansas City Royals 80.5
Los Angeles Angels 89.5
Los Angeles Dodgers 94
Miami Marlins 81.5
Milwaukee Brewers 79.5
Minnesota Twins 72
New York Mets 81
New York Yankees 81.5
Oakland A’s 83
Philadelphia Phillies 69.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 84.5
San Diego Padres 83.5
San Francisco Giants 84.5
Seattle Mariners 87.5
Saint Louis Cardinals 89
Tampa Bay Rays 79.5
Texas Rangers 78
Toronto Blue Jays 83.5
Washington Nationals 94

Best Cheap Blackjack On The Vegas Strip

Cheap Blackjack Cards

At first glance there are more good cheap blackjack games on the Vegas Strip than you might think. You should expect that there are only one or two of these tables at most of the casinos listed below.

For simplicity I’m using $15 as the cut off for cheap blackjack and just listing the house edge of the games. I’m also listing the casinos alphabetically, not by the smallest house edge. Visit the survey on Wizard of Vegas to see the complete details of the games listed below and higher denomination games.

$5 Blackjack
Circus Circus – House Edge: 0.64
Riviera – House Edge: 0.62 (until they close, obviously)

$10 Blackjack
Bally’s – House Edge: 0.57
Bellagio – House Edge: 0.46
Caesars Palace – House Edge: 0.55
Encore – House Edge: 0.48
Excalibur – House Edge: 0.64
Flamingo – House Edge: 0.57
The Linq – House Edge: 0.57
Luxor – House Edge: 0.62
MGM Grand – House Edge: 0.48
New York – New York – House Edge: 0.48
Paris – House Edge: 0.57
Stratosphere – House Edge: 0.57
Treasure Island – House Edge: 0.46
Tropicana – House Edge: 0.57
Wynn – House Edge: 0.48

$15 Blackjack
Cosmopolitan – House Edge: 0.50
The Cromwell – House Edge: 0.57
Planet Hollywood – House Edge: 0.57

XS, Hakkasan, Marquee, Tao Top Nightclubs In America

Steve Aoki At Hakkasan Las Vegas top nightclubs in Las Vegas
Steve Aoki At Hakkasan

XS, Hakkasan, Marquee and Tao were the top 4 nightclubs in America in terms of gross revenue in 2014. In fact, 7 of the top 10 grossing nightclubs and bars were in Vegas and 15 of the top 100. Not too shabby.

If you’ve ever wondered where to party in Vegas then here’s a good place to start. Below is a breakdown of all of the Vegas nightclubs and bars on the Top 100 list from

1. XS Nightclub, Encore
2. Hakkasan, MGM Grand
3. Marquee Nightclub, Cosmopolitan
4. Tao Nightclub, Venetian
6. Surrender Nightclub, Encore
9. Hyde, Bellagio
10. Lavo, Palazzo
17. Chandelier Bar, Cosmopolitan
18. Tryst Nightclub, Wynn
28. Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop, Paris Las Vegas
48. Ghostbar, Palms
55. Lagasse’s Stadium, Palazzo
66. Bond Bar, Cosmopolitan
67. Vesper Bar, Cosmopolitan
68. The Bourbon Room, Venetian

4 of the top 100 bars and nightclubs in America are at the Cosmopolitan. That’s not surprising because the Cosmo is my favorite bar on the Vegas Strip. Chandelier Bar (floor level) is one of my favorite bars to sip on a drink and hang out in all of Vegas. Last year they added video poker to this beautiful bar so you can get excellent comp drinks while you gamble. WIN!

What is surprising is that Chateau at Paris, Lagasse’s Stadium at Palazzo and The Bourbon Room at Venetian are in this list generating between $5 million and $15 million in 2014. To be honest I didn’t know Chateau was still open, I thought Lagasse’s Stadium was considered a restaurant and had no idea people went to The Bourbon Room en masse.

Live and learn!

Riviera Rumors Are Like 50 Shades Of Grey

Riviera Las Vegas
Riviera rumors

Like the movie “50 Shades of Grey”, Riviera rumors are everywhere I look today. It took a week for other outlets to catch up on the rumors that the Riviera will be closed and demolished but they’re out there like gangbusters today.

Riviera hasn’t confirmed any rumors but it seems like that may only be a matter of time. Here’s a quick roundup of current Riviera rumors. Click on links for full story.

  • “Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Will Buy and Demolish Riviera Las Vegas” – Vital Vegas says an official announcement will be coming on February 17.
  • “Riviera focus of LVCVA purchase” – Las Vegas Sun digging for information says that the Riviera may be demolished by June.
  • Las Vegas Advisor is hearing rumors from reliable sources.
  • “Is Las Vegas’ Riviera Hotel about to be history?” – Las Vegas Review Journal trying to become more upworthy and offering nothing beyond clickbait.

UPDATE: CBS News Las Vegas CONFIRMS Riviera will be sold to LVCVA.

Vegas Rumors: Monte Carlo Name Change, Riviera Bye-Bye

Rumors about Vegas are fun. Especially when they come from good sources and make sense. Here’s a look at a couple of rumors floating around that seem too good not to be true.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Las Vegas Fountains
Monte Carlo Fountains – Already Gone
  • Rumor: Earlier this week Vital Vegas dropped a rumor that the Monte Carlo would be changing its name.
  • Thoughts: This totally makes sense. They’ve de-themed most of the hotel to the point of where it’s so bland the name doesn’t make sense. A new name announcement after construction is complete around the property and shortly before they open the new arena would work nicely. Maybe they’ll renovate the rooms in time for the new arena too.


Riviera Las Vegas
Riviera – Getcha Chips Now
  • Rumor: Riviera has been sold and new owners will close and demolish in favor of something unrelated to gaming.
  • Thoughts: This rumor about the Riviera sounds legit despite rumors about renovations. Despite these mainstream media outlets reporting about $20-$100 million dollar in renovations to the property in recent years the parent company is still having financial problems post bankruptcy. With Resorts World Las Vegas being delayed and SLS Las Vegas having its own problems revitalization of the north end of the Vegas Strip doesn’t look so hot right now.

Both of these are still rumors right now. Both bits of news make too much sense not to happen. We’ll see if they’re true shortly.

2015 MLB Season Win Total PECOTA Projections

MLB Logo
MLB Pecota Projections

Baseball Prospectus released their 2015 MLB Season Win Total PECOTA Projections last week. If you bet on baseball or play fantasy baseball you are probably familiar with the wealth of information available on Baseball Prospectus (BP).

If you’re not familiar with BP or PECOTA I’ll share some information after the standings. If you are familiar with BP and PECOTA you might find these projections helpful when looking at betting MLB season win totals and MLB futures. This is only a snippet of the information from Baseball Prospectus. There are definitely some surprises and projections I don’t understand right now and will have to dig deeper to understand. You can see the full projections on their site.

American League Standings Projections

American League Pecota Projections
American League Pecota Projections

National League Standings Projections

National League Pecota Projections
National League Pecota Projections

What is PECOTA? Here’s some info from Baseball Prospectus.

(PECOTA) Stands for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm. PECOTA is BP’s proprietary system that projects player performance based on comparison with historical player-seasons. There are three elements to PECOTA:

1) Major-league equivalencies, to allow us to use minor-league stats to project how a player will perform in the majors;
2) Baseline forecasts, which use weighted averages and regression to the mean to produce an estimate of a player’s true talent level;
3) A career-path adjustment, which incorporates information about how comparable players’ stats changed over time.

Check out the PECOTA section of the glossary for more on the system’s intricacies.

Record Breaking Year For Sports Betting In Nevada!

The Mirage Las Vegas Sportsbook
The Mirage Sportsbook

I’m a sports bettor and try to keep up on how the legal sports betting industry is doing in Vegas (and all of Nevada). When sportsbooks win that means people are losing. I’d much prefer sports bettors win so I’m conflicted about good revenue reports for casinos.

With that being said, I feel conflicted to see that last year was a record year for sports betting with almost $4 billion was wagered on sports throughout Nevada.

Record amounts of money being wagered it great for the sportsbook operators but it doesn’t tell the whole picture. Sports betting is still a very small, but growing, piece of gaming revenue in Vegas casinos.

Sportsbook As Percentage of Revenue for Big Vegas Casinos (Source: UNLV Gaming).

  • 2014: 1.3%
  • 2013: 0.9%
  • 2012: 1%

Sports betting generates a slightly larger percentage of revenue in Downtown Vegas Casinos (Source: UNLV Gaming).

  • 2014: 2.2%

Casino revenue reports include outside operators like William Hill and CG Technology.

Revenue from sports betting has been helped by increased sports betting menus and mainstream acceptance. There was a day when you’d never hear mainstream media mention point spreads or other betting options. That’s no longer the case.

Sports betting revenue is on the upswing and it will be interesting to see how casinos in Vegas adopt. There’s a limit to how much money sports bettors and fans will spend on parties for major events like the Super Bowl (list of parties/prices).

Then again, maybe there isn’t a limit and revenue from these parties is what will keep sports betting alive for casino operators.