Gamble With Asteroids, Centipede And Other Atari Games Sooner Than You Think

Atari Casino
Hey, It’s The Atari Casino

It looks as if Atari will be launching its online casino in a few months. Atari Casino will offer gambling for real and virtual currency.  Atari Casino will be a social gaming play since gambling is a dirty word for Atari more than simply an online casino. The casino will available on the Web, as well as Facebook and mobile devices.

Even though I never owned an Atari video game system when I was growing up (I was a ColecoVision guy) I played Atari games way too often. The old brands are a link to my childhood and that’s what Atari is banking on to acquire players.

The idea of gambling online isn’t very attractive to me because I prefer gambling with some form of human interaction. Having said that I might consider playing craps, slot machines or blackjack at the Atari Casino if it’s branded with Centipede, Missile Command or Asteroids for a little while.

This might not be Atari’s only gambling play. Last year at G2E I reported that IGT was re-introducing skill-based gaming with a Centipede branded slot machine for Vegas Chatter. We shouldn’t expect to see anything in casinos until next year.

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Top Dollar: My Favorite Slot Machine

Top Dollar Slot Machine Bonus
Top Dollar Bonus

Over the years I’ve written about the original Top Dollar reel slot machines a lot. They’re by far my favorite slot machine and probably the game that got me into playing slot machines. Most 3 coin reel slot slot machines are boring but the loud and obnoxious bonus round totally fits what I like in a slot machine. Check it out.

If you search Top Dollar slot wins on YouTube you’ll notice that many of the people playing Top Dollar are loud and kind of obnoxious – just like the game. And like the Top Dollar slot machines everyone is having fun. When I get a bonus (see photo above) I’ll usually throw my hands in the air and dance a little.

When I was at Flamingo a few weeks ago I played this quarter game to start off my day of gambling. I like to ease into a day of gambling with a lower limits machine even though I prefer the $1 or $5 version of this game. I’m usually just not ready for human interaction and don’t like to risk much the first thing in the morning or afternoon.

These Top Dollar reel slot machines are slowly disappearing from casinos. New casinos opening don’t want the older machines and older casinos don’t want to seem old. There are new versions of Top Dollar but they aren’t as fun.

You won’t find this Top Dollar slot machine in the regular casino at Cosmopolitan or Downtown Grand and probably won’t find it when SLS Las Vegas opens. You may find Top Dollar in some of their high limits rooms though. You’ll also be able to find Top Dollar in larger casinos with sections of older machines like Flamingo or Mandalay Bay. Get em while you can!

Rory McIlroy Wins The British Open. His Dad Wins A Sweet Bet!

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy

Gambling outside of America is a different animal. Last weeks blog post about overseas gambling should give you an idea about how big sports betting is overseas. The bet Rory McIlroy’s dad made with Ladbrokes should confirm sports betting’s popularity for you.

When Rory McIlroy was 15 years old his father and some friends placed a bet that he would win the British Open within 10 years. Ladbrokes only took a £200 bet on the 500-1 shot. Converted to dollars that’s only $341. This was the last British Open Rory McIlroy could win for his father’s bet to pay off. Boy did it pay off!

The $341 USD bet on Rory McIlroy  will pay out $171,000

BOOM! If Rory McIlroy was American his father wouldn’t have been able to make this kind of bet legally. As sports betting continues to grow and expand in America bets like this will become legal.

Even though I don’t think that this is the kind of bet I would make I can’t wait until it’s possible that I could make the bet. I think long-term wagers like this would be very popular. The general public would eat up the opportunity to bet on a player like Jameis Winston or any other popular college football player winning a Super Bowl today if they could.

Photo: The Star

Sports Betting Is The Same Size As Interactive Casinos, Poker and Bingo Combined In The UK

I was reading an article called “Why You Can’t Market People In To Betting” and found a few interesting bits about world-wide sports betting.

Worldwide Share 0f Market For Legal Gambling

  1. Europe (outside of UK): 1/3rd
  2. Asia: 1/3rd
  3. America: 10%
  4. UK: 8%

Legal is the key word here. There’s much more sports betting happening in America but it can’t be reported or the bookies will go to jail. Look for this percentage to grow as legal sports betting expands in America. Then there’s this headline from the UK.

In monetary terms, there is a modest rise in revenue across sports betting over the next two to three years — in fact, it’s worth noting that sports betting is the same size as interactive casino games, poker and bingo combined.

I’m mostly concerned with American casinos and gambling so it’s a little surprising to me that sports betting online is equal to every other type of gambling. Once again a UK trend about sports betting that’s different from America.

online (sports betting) has peaked since 2012 at around a third of total sports betting. Come 2017, Deloitte still estimates that it will account for a third of the market. Not only has online reached a plateau, sports betting in general is only estimated to have very modest growth between 2012 and 2017.

America is ready to explode with excitement for legalized sports betting. It’s no wonder that a company like William Hill has expanded into the US. It looks like at least one other major sports betting operator will be looking to make a similar expansion from the UK to the US. More on that as it develops.

The article is essentially about Betfred hiring an ad agency to market them to non-gamblers. If you’re into marketing, advertising or gambling it’s worth the 3 minute read.

BLT Burger Late Night Happy Hour

Late Night Happy Hour
Late Night Happy Hour

Cheap beer and less expensive food sounds good to me. Happy Hour on the Vegas Strip usually starts before the sun goes down but this late night Happy Hour At BLT Burger at The Mirage is from 10pm-1am. That’s the right time for cheap beer as far as most people are concerned.

Many of the dishes and drinks are half price. Check out the full Happy Hour menu. Here are my favorite deals at this Happy Hour:

  • New Belgium Fat Tire, Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - $3.50
  • Chicken Wings – $6
  • Waffle Bites – $3.50

I’ll probably grab the cheaper beer and pay full price for an awesome bacon cheeseburger.

NBA In Las Vegas

NBA Summer League
NBA Summer League

Every year the Las Vegas media goes gaga when any professional sports team or league mention anything related to Las Vegas. Last night excellent sports writer, Marc Spears from Yahoo, dropped a few nuggets about the NBA and Las Vegas that will probably excite the locals.

1. NBA Awards in Las Vegas

2. Mid-Season NBA Tournament possibly in Las Vegas

3. No NBA team coming to Las Vegas (or anywhere)

Las Vegas should be happy with the NBA Summer League and a possible awards show (Vegas already hosts NHL awards) and move along with any dreams of getting a team to call their own. I’m curious about this potential mid-season tournament. That sounds really interesting.

The NHL on the other hand may be a different story…

Weird Al Sums Up Las Vegas With New Song And Video “Tacky”

I love Vegas.

I hate Weird Al.

Weird Al’s new song and video for “Tacky” really encompasses everything you’ll see in Vegas in a given day. This is part of what makes Vegas so great.

Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black are all in the video if you see some people who look familiar.

Sorry for the autoplay. I can’t control that.

The Quad Is Out. The Linq Hotel Is In.

The Linq Hotel Room
The Linq Hotel Room

The Quad replaced Imperial Palace less than two years ago. In late October The Quad name will go away and the hotel next to the Flamingo will be called The Linq Hotel and Casino. The change has been rumored for a while since the hotel flanks The Linq mall/promenade.

As far as name changes go The Linq Hotel makes a lot of sense. The Linq Hotel will finish the remodel of the old Imperial Palace that began with The Quad. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Casino renovations have already begun and will be complete when The Linq Hotel opens October 30.
  • Rooftop pool renovation.
  • Renovated hotel rooms. Caesars Entertainment made sure to renovate bathrooms unlike Flamingo Fab rooms.
  • Cabana suites with private access to the pool.
  • Slow elevators, plumbing and other infrastructure will not be updated.
  • Property-wide wifi.
  • Lots of bars. TAG Bar is an awesome beer bar. Check my Vegas Chatter article.
  • Automated check-in and concierge.
  • All Asian theming from Imperial Palace will be gone.
  • HOTEL ROOM PRICE INCREASE. Room rates are currently around $29 but will start at $89 when the name changes.

Here’s The Linq Hotel promo video to get you stoked.

Current NBA Championship Odds From William Hill. Thanks LeBron.

LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers

The last time I looked at NBA Championship futures I said:

If I were placing a bet today (I would never) I might drop a minimum bet on the Chicago Bulls at 10-1 Cleveland Cavaliers at 50-1.

Low and behold the LeBron James signed with the Cavaliers and their odds are down to 9/2 (that’s 4.5-1) from 50-1. I don’t think the Cavs will win it all but that’s a nice value play. The Bulls odds are still 10-1 and probably not going anywhere.

Right now the New York Knicks look like the only team whose odds might change drastically when Carmelo Anthony re-signs but they still have no shot at the NBA championship.

The only other change in odds I see are the Houston Rockets if Chris Bosh signs. They might swing to 8-1 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers.

Updated odds to win the NBA Championship are below.

Who ya got now?

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